Your Details

When you register with Hackney Matters, we ask you provide some details such as your name and email address. We keep these details so that we can contact you about Hackney Matters and the sites hosted on it.

If, once you have registered, you then join a site hosted on Hackney Matters, the name and email address that you registered with will also be available to the webmasters of that site so that they can contact you about their site.

Your email address is never automatically displayed on public web pages. If you add content to a site that you have joined (for example by posting on a discussion forum or commenting on a blog) then your name will be displayed next to your contribution. You can create a screen name which will be displayed instead if you prefer.

We will not give your details to other organisations. Anyone running a site on Hackney Matters also has to agree to keep your details private. If you believe that your details are being misused by a site on Hackney Matters, you must contact us.

Your Password

When you register with Hackney Matters we ask you to choose a password. This allows you to login to the site and any Hackney Matters sites that you are a member of.

As your password controls your access to the site, you should not share it with anyone else. If you believe that your password is known by another person, you should change your password immediately.

For your own security, you should also remember to log out when you finish using Hackney Matters (you will find the logout link at the top of most public Hackney Matters pages).


We will use personal data that we have collected from you for Hackney Matters only.


Hackney Matters will:

•         use personal data about you for the purpose of performing any of its statutory duties or public tasks within the platform.

•         check information you have provided, or information about you that someone else has provided, with other information we hold. 


Hackney Matters will not give information about you to anyone else, or use information about you for other purposes, unless the law allows this.


Hackney Matters and the sites hosted on it do use cookies. We do not use these to personally identify you, store any personal information nor to track your individual use of the site. This page gives you more details about how and why we use cookies on Hackney Matters.